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FORECLOSURE is a transformative art-house short story levitated from a classic post-apocalypse movie masterpiece.

Witness two forces of destiny collide in a deadly ruse of provenance and revenge.

One foresees the eminent extermination coming for us all. The other conceives his new mankind without end. A tragedy with no time to spare but to save themselves. 

Who is telling the truth. Who will survive, if anyone.


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en Femme de l’Horreur
Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC // film festival release

“Do you know what MADNESS is
and when it STRIKES?”

“This Is My World ..
Let Me Lead You Into It”

It is not often one can find a crime story that has the impact, critical appreciation and timeless storytelling as found in the film ‘Daughter Of Horror’ 1955, also previously released as ‘Dementia’ 1953

This movie still maintains a cult classic following. To those among us who cherish this film as I do, this adaptation recognizes the music to be as important as its visual storytelling. Scored by George Antheil, filled with jazz numbers by Shorty Rogers and his Giants, the soundtrack has memorable themes and music.

A powerful force of the film is its narration. Stunning. Dramatic. Able to inflict fear, at will. The voice of Ed McMahon breathed life into the script. Director and screenwriter John Parker tapped onto this soon to be television legend, at an early part of his career.

The back story is spirited with era-correct educational and exploitation films, to help you understand and question your own hidden insanity.

This one of a kind film adaptation, with it’s questionable sexuality, uses only the soundtrack of the original movie to ask of you simply

   “Are You Normal ?” …. Well then, you better take the test.

” …exquisite, a true 21st century re-telling of the vampire myth”

” …through its thirteen scored music elements and commanding sound design, The Book Of The Vampires breathes the same air as its legend portrays”

The Book Of The Vampires

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC // film festival release

“The Book of the Vampires” recounts the enduring, perilous journey between terror and courage.This adaptation pays tribute to Bram Stroker and F.W. Murnau  who gave us a story worth re-telling.

In a most mythical way Nosferatu becomes a returning warrior spirit, weatherworn and scarred.

“Dr. Caligari” is a revolutionary new story adaptation of the timeless German Expressionist movie epic by Robert Wiene.

Dr. Caligari

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC // film festival release

What makes this film adaptation unique is it’s adherence to the original script of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Meyer, before the film producers imposed the cinematic trick of a ‘twist ending’. This technique may have been innovative at the time but also obfuscated the fabric of the story.

Django Concerts

” I recorded several years of the four day Djangofest concert series with an able and varied Seattle team of 13 crew, cameras, sound and recording units.  We all slept outside.  We got high together.  We recorded every concert performance.  It was magnificent.   This series of concert and session videos could not have been accomplished without their support and good karma.  They get it…  Thank You. “  MAKI.

All white label videos are open source and available for download with a minuscule donation to help cover the web services required.  All musical rights belong to the artists recorded.   Enjoy.

Eastlake Django: White Label

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC

Four internationally acclaimed musicians arrivied at a rainy Seattle neighborhood, crossing paths as they played their different tours:  Michael Papillo (L.A.),  Robin Nolan (Amsterdam),  Frank Vignolla (N.Y.) and David Grisman (S.F.).  The impromptu jam session delivered musical gems in tribute to the timeless gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt.

I was invited to the jam session with microphones and cameras at hand.  My cousin ran shotgun with the recorder as I videoed the music performances. This documentary film captures the musical genius of the moment.  I shall be ever grateful to the musicians for bringing me into their jam as one of their own.

Boulou and Elios Ferre: White Label

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC

The Ferre family is born of the Gypsy Jazz (manouche) music tradition.  One is a classically trained soloist and his brother a master of flamenco.  Boulou and Elios grew up in the Romani communities of France. Both brothers expertly play American, European and Gypsy jazz from standards to obscure classics to improvisation.  I was their local guide during one of their festive tours.  We spent hours in used vinyl shops finding just the right jazz recordings to bring back home.  Boulou and Elios are an authentic gypsy jazz experience.

Robin Nolan Trio: White Label

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC

The Robin Nolan Trio is one of the most prolific, wide ranging ensembles performing Django Gypsy Jazz standards and newly released songs.  Robin Nolan is an internationally recognized solo guitarist and songwriter.  You should go see him.  You will be amazed.

Angelo Debarre: White Label

Film by Maki // Natalis Group LLC

Angilo Debarre is a legendary Romani gypsy jazz guitarist. He learned guitar at eigth, performing at twenty and has released a collection of CD’s dedicated to the music of Django Reinhardt.  Others who are accomplished jazz guitarists themselves look to Debarre for lessons from a master artist.

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