The new international album release of ‘Shaky Ground’ by Maki will officially launch over the air waves May 15th on KXPB radio. Alternative Indie Rock with a relevant message. We’re talking about factory work, hackers, seekers, lions and lost love. The personal emotions that come from living it, everyday. Feels like walking on shaky ground.

The Natalis Group record label teams up with KXPB’s Uncle Thom and the whole DJ crew for this special engagement. Their music programming has that feel and joy of a personal, quircky, smooth FM listening that can only comes from live, on-air, audience interaction. It’s FM the way it should be heard.

Each of the ten songs on ‘Shaky Ground’ offer a window of experiences from coal soaked Detroit highways to West Coast pirates selling digital secrets, There’s even a guitar disco for the shroomer’s. It’s music that can reach across generations, a phoenix rising out of the song writing collaboration of Maki and Papp.

About Maki and Papp

Maki started his music career playing in back rooms, bars and bowling alleys in and about Detroit. All genre of music was played in solo, three piece and show band arrangements. Maki brings vocals, guitar, bass & synth.

Papp is classically trained on piano playing in Detroit rock, pop and jazz bands. He bought one of the first Kurzweil snyths made and there was no looking back. Papp brings vocals, keyboards, bass and drums.

Both have similar performance histories but never met back in Detroit. Crossing paths in Seattle they shook hands on a new record. They have a give and take ability for composition and lyrics which makes this album shine like a diamond.

About KXPB radio

KXPB Control  Room

You are listening to KXPB-LP 89.1 FM – Pacific Beach, Washington – Your Host On The Coast. ” The first fully licensed Low Power FM radio station in Western Washington, KXPB-LP is proud to serve the Northwest with its staff of volunteer on-air personalities. Listen to KXPB online on radio aggregators and streaming platforms near you.


Natalis Group Record Label

Natalis Group records has produced several albums and works by Maki including ‘Waking Up With The World On Fire’, ‘Demoration’, ‘Atlas Hacked’ and as well as soundtracks for WestCoast indie-films. Natalis Group is honored to be hosted by KXPB. The most authentic FM we know.

The SHAKY GROUND album is now available for HD download and CD