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Lost Sock Night At The Laundromat

“Every Saturday at the SIT-N-SPIN they have a ‘Lost Sock Night’. It’ll just tear your heart out”

In collaboration with the stellar voice actors at HITRECORD comes a woeful tale of hope lost forever at the laundromat,,, that missing sock that never returns.

Natalis Group proudly submits this short-story collaboration to a film festival near you..

The script by Maki comes alive with the voices and artistic talents of  HenriLand, JayTheJetPlane, Vindhler, Devlinianism, AngelicAvangelica, SnigMae, OneStepBehind, OldyOut, Reese, ShdyLady and The Great & Terrible Eli.

HITRECORD.org is an active community based open source of artists, actors, writers, musicians, animators and many more, ready for a challenge.  We highly recommend you check them out and join in for some artistic fun.

UPDATE 2022: The short film Lost Sock Night At The Laundromat has been selected to play during the intermission between feature films at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theater.

( https://www.bluefoxdrivein.com )

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