The short films by Maki “The Book Of The Vampires” and “Dr. Caligari” are playing on the big screen at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theater.

The Blue Fox is a favorite neighborhood haunt where you buy a ticket, drive your car in, find a nice spot to park, get lots of popcorn, crank up the stereo and watch something you’ve never seen before.

There aren’t that many outdoor movie screens left in America.  They were and still are, a modern movie miracle and rural communities or towns could have one up in a matter of days.  Drive-ins and Radio were the cultural staples across three generations. Raves to The Blue Fox Drive-In Theater  for having the foresight to keep this unique movie experience happening for the next generation…

UPDATE 2022: The short film “Lost Sock Night At The Laundromat” has been selected to play during the intermission between feature films at the Blue Fox Drive-In Theater

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