Natalis Group 2023 New Film Works

Official Film Festival Preview & Press Kit

Natalis Group presents FORECLOSURE  a transformative story re-imagined within the classic footage of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ by Ubaldo Ragona’ (1964).  Maki levitates from it a new cinematic drama, stunning soundtrack and desperate voices confronting the unstoppable.

Witness two forces of destiny collide in a deadly ruse of provenance and revenge. One foresees the eminent extermination coming for us all. The other conceives his new mankind without end. A tragedy with no time to spare but to save themselves. Who is telling the truth. Who will survive, if anyone.

The story of FORECLOSURE evolved from a vampire myth, my recurring dreams, obscure prophecy and forgotten memories. Describing this dream journey is difficult. Not in its understanding but for its relentless vanishing before you write down everything you can remember.

The story starts where such dreams begin, in and about a familiar place, following an indelible path where touchstone moments decipher a wider puzzle.

” I am that recurring dream ”   Maki


Film Publisher Contact:  NatalisGroup (at) gmail com

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