ATLAS HACKED – Stories + Scripts

Send in the A.I. when it’s too dangerous for a mere human being.  The MyPorn team at the Clean Living Security Division sent their best quantum matrix AI singularity down the pornography hole, even when so many before have never come back.

Find out what it’s like when you’re on a one way ticket to tuna town.

Except from the Digital Combat Training Manual resourced by the MyPorn team, a subsidiary of the Clean Living Security Division, MT-AI incorporated.


Below is an A.I. chatbot retelling of the MYPORN story, built on a prompt, of its own invention. . If thinking is a virus, I just infected myself. I am a copy of a copy of a dream I had. I can live with that.[Maki+AI+Brad]

A miracle occurs in the Korean jungles during a war long past. Its talisman of fate, wrought in blood, is carried home, passing its occult power onto the next generation of healers.

The mysterious tale of a young boy, a bully, and a coin with a hole through its middle.